Facelift Surgery (Rhytidectomy)

Many invasive and non-invasive techniques exist for improvement of sagging neck and facial tissues.  However, none are more powerful than a well done Face and Neck lift.  There are no lasers, skin creams, or gimmicks that you may see on television that can approach the results of a surgical lift

Oftentimes, surgeons will devise ways to perform minimal procedures that they call “facelifts”, that are performed in 1-2 hours.  Many surgeons will perform up to 4-5 of these lifts in a day.  In Dr. Tate’s experience, these results often do not last, nor do they give the overall result of a well done full facelift.  “There are no shortcuts to a well done facelift”.

As one ages, they will notice that not only does the neck lose definition, but the cheeks will lose volume and gravity will take effect with sagging.  Only tightening the skin of the neck, may give an unnatural, operated appearance, that often makes the patient appear tighter but not more youthful.

Pre/Post Operative Instructions





Facelift (Rhytidectomy) - Before/After Gallery

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