MediSpa vs. Day Spa

Many clients wonder what makes a MediSpa different than a regular Day Spa. There are several differences between the two and it is important to understand them so you can decide what is best for you and your skin.

  • Doctor supervision: At a Medispa all services are approved and over seen by a medical physician. At Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Randy Tate over sees all of the MediSpa services offered. This sets MediSpas apart because the medical Esthetician is able to consult with a Doctor if there are any concerns or potential issues with the patient’s treatment results. At Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery, our Esthetician is not only well versed in skin care but is also able to answer your questions about Dr. Tate’s procedures such as laser, botox, fillers, and surgical procedures. When you schedule for a consult in our MediSpa you will receive a well rounded, relaxing, and safe approach to your skin health.
  • Medical Esthetician: After Esthetics schooling, Medical Estheticians continue to receive extensive training focused in medical skin care techniques. Due to the continued training and Doctor supervision, Medical Estheticians are able to offer you more aggressive treatments to target your skin care concerns. Estheticians at a Day Spa have more restrictions on the strength of products applied to your skin and the type of treatments they can provide.
  • Medical Grade Skin Care: Another huge distinction between a MediSpa and a Day Spa is the products used and sold in the establishment. At Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery we are able to provide you with products that contain high active ingredients that will give your skin real results. Products purchased over the counter or at a Day Spa are not formulated to be as aggressive as what you can purchase at a MediSpa because there is no Doctor supervision. Our products are formulated to strongly treat your skin care issues and give you serious results.
  • Relaxing, Treatment Focused Environment: At Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery we blend the medical environment with the spa environment to give you the best of both worlds. When you receive treatments at our MediSpa you will be able to relax in our cozy spa room, while receiving a results-focused treatment.