Medispa Redding CA

MediSpa Redding CA


Sometimes, you just need a little extra boost for your skin. Perhaps you’ve been seeing dull skin, baggy eyes, acne, too many new wrinkles, or something else. At the Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery, we know how to treat those skin situations. We have a full-service MediSpa in Redding that can offer solutions for skin problems and provide skin maintenance.

What is a MediSpa?

A medispa takes skin care up a level. It goes beyond the skin creams and elixirs and provides actual medical treatments. You can go to a medispa to get a high-quality facial, but you can also go for more in-depth skin repair services. A medispa is supervised by a doctor—in our case, Dr. Randy Tate, who is a plastic surgeon—which means that your care will be advanced beyond that of a regular day spa. Our products are of a medical grade, which include highly active ingredients for serious results. Because we are a medispa, we can recommend more advanced procedures, such as laser treatments, fillers, Botox, and surgical procedures.

Why the Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Randy Tate began the Centre for Plastic Surgery in 2009, after spending over a decade in medical training at some of the finest universities in California. He’s added licensed estheticians to his staff to expand the services available to his patients. Dr. Tate and his staff are always committed to the welfare of every patient. This is demonstrated by our commitment to listening to a client’s needs and our expertise in developing personalized solutions. We know that every skin situation is unique.

Advanced skin treatment is our specialty. For your convenience, we offer chemical peels, dermaplaning, acne reduction, collagen stimulation, skin brightening, skin calming, and facial waxing. Come to the Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery to experience a little extra TLC for your skin! Call us to make an appointment at our medispa in Redding.

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