Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery

At Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery we offer our patients a comfortable and professional environment to receive in-office surgical procedures. Dr. Tate utilizes this space to perform biopsies, laser resurfacing and other reconstructive procedures.

If your procedure requires a hospital environment, we utilize Patient’s Hospital of Redding for the majority of our procedures. Most surgeries don’t require an overnight stay, but for the more extensive procedures, Patient Hospital offers over night care with attentive nurse support for the entirety of your visit.

Patients’ Hospital

Just like anything else, practice makes perfect. By definition, a specialty hospital “specializes” in select areas unlike a general hospital is able to do.

Our size allows us to focus on details that larger hospitals often overlook. Our high nurse to patient ratio means you will have exceptional personalized care. Our attention to infection control has resulted in an infection rate that has never reached 1% – one of the lowest rates in the nation.

We cut costs on red tape and bureaucracy so that we can spend a little more taking care of our patients. That means you usually won’t pay any more than normal. Here at Patients’ Hospital we will work with most insurance companies even if we are not contracted with them.

At Patients’ Hospital , the experience is more like an overnight stay in a luxury hotel rather than an ordeal in a hospital ward . We believe your recovery and health can be best served by being attentive to your need for comfort and relaxation.

As a licensed acute hospital we can accommodate in-patient and out patient surgery.

The exceptional skill of our surgical team, higher level of staffing with Registered Nurses, and the quality medical care provided contribute, to positive patient out comes.