Botox: An Effective Facial Solution

Woman receiving Botox injectionBotox Cosmetic is used to temporarily improve the appearance of facial lines that are caused by muscle movement. Botox relaxes the muscles that contract from frowning and/or raising eyebrows or squinting. A patient can expect to see noticeable results in three to seven days and the treatment usually lasts three to four months on average.

Why Botox Is Popular

The saying in my office is that Botox is hard not to love. Expertly injected, I am able to achieve results such as raising an eyebrow to open up the eye, roll out a lip to enhance a lip filler injection, or smooth fine crinkle lines around the eyes and forehead.

Botox is both preventative and corrective. Social media has done a good job of educating the younger patient. They understand that regular use of Botox will increase their odds of remaining wrinkle free longer by preventing the muscles from overworking the area that cause the lines in the first place. Patients with mature skin often benefit from the corrective properties of Botox, allowing them to erase or reduce the damaged appearance that happened over time as well as helping to prevent the addition of new wrinkles.

I am the single busiest solo injector north of the Napa area and use it almost on a daily basis. It is an integral part of my plastic surgery practice.

Written by Dr Randy Tate



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