Situations When Plastic Surgery Is Necessary

Before and After Photo of Plastic SurgeryUsually, when people think of plastic surgery, they think of lip plumping, facelifts, and Botox. But many people do not realize that there are just as many situations where plastic surgery is necessary to resolve defects and injuries. Plastic surgeons resolve these kinds of skin and tissue problems all the time.

Birth Defects

Cleft palate is a situation where there is a split or an opening in the roof of the mouth. If this extends to the lip, it also causes a cleft lip. Through surgery, a child’s lip and mouth area can be reconstructed to look completely normal with very little visible scarring.

Birthmarks and port-wine stains are discolorations or abnormalities that are caused by the overgrowth of blood vessels, smooth muscle, connective tissue, fat, or melanin or keratin-producing cells. These discolorations are red, brown, gray, or blue, and affect almost half of all babies. Some, such as the stork bite and the Mongolian spot, resolve by the time the child is between three to ten years old; others, such as the port-wine stain, do not go away with age and may even grow or thicken.

Other birth defects that can be resolved by plastic surgery are ear, hand, and skull abnormalities. Some babies are born with abnormally shaped heads (craniosynostosis), missing ears, or webbed fingers. Reconstructive surgery gives these children a chance to have a normal life.

Injuries & Disease

Plastic surgery can also be very effective in the treatment of disfigurement from cuts, animal bites, and burns. Zubaida Hasan is one of the many success stories. Zubaida was severely burned in a kerosene fire, which resulted in her face melting down into her neck. With 12 surgeries, the plastic surgeon was able to reconstruct her face to such an extent that she now looks like a normal girl with some scars. The transformation helped Zubaida to regain her ability to eat, sleep, smile, and live a normal life.

The removal of tumors, cancerous tissues, or diseased or dead tissue can also cause disfigurement or scars. It’s bad enough to undergo a terrible disease, but even worse to experience disfigurement from it. Reconstructive surgery can also address physical issues resulting from facial palsy (such as Bell’s palsy), carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, pressure ulcers, and Dupuytren’s contracture.

It really is phenomenal what plastic surgery can do. With modern advances, the ability to restore a person’s physical appearance can also restore lost mobility and self-esteem. There’s hope for those who are dealing with disfigurement.

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